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Fly Off the Shelf Dessert

Fly Off the Shelf Dessert

Sometimes when we think about offering seasonal items, thoughts of pumpkin spice in the fall and peppermint in the winter come to mind. But, if we expand to include the fads or “seasons” of pop culture, there are some opportunities to gain incremental traffic and create some buzz on social media by tapping into the latest trends.

Right now, there’s no denying we are in a season of unicorns. For being such a rarity of mythical times, unicorn sightings are anything but rare these days. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts are chock-full of unicorn themed everything…from fashion to cosmetics to food.

When it comes to unicorns, the more rainbows-and-sparkle-and-sunshine, the better. It’s about being colorful and happy and full of imagination. Maybe that’s the attraction of the unicorn craze – consumers are having fun harkening back to childhood without having to apologize for it. Kids, teens and adults alike can be united in the simple joy of being hopeful.

Although we know unicorns may someday be replaced with another trend, for now it’s worth adding a little of the magic to your menu.

Why not consider adding a Unicorn Cheesecake to your dessert offerings? And you can have a little fun with it because they don’t speak “over the top” in unicorn language. Go big. Go bold. Take pictures and promote it on your social media outlets. Don’t be surprised if you first orders are from adults in business suits.

With vibrant layers of cheesecake topped with pastel sprinkles, you’ll have a dessert that has spread its wings and might just fly off the shelf.