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Simple Choice In Coffee Creamers

Simple Choice In Coffee Creamers

It’s hard not to be enamored with complexity in our modern high-tech society. We tend to equate complicated with sophisticated, and perhaps just plain better. Of course, not everybody feels that way.

The happy cows of Lakeland Dairies, a cooperative of 3,200 family farms based in Ireland live an exceptionally simple life and couldn’t be more content. After 120 years they seem to have gotten simple down to a science.

Every morning these lucky cows head out to lush green pastures where all they have to do is graze and chew. What they produce is some of the sweetest, purest milk in all creation. Once their milk is made, the smartest thing to do next is…very little. Why complicate things now? After all, the best foods are the ones with only one ingredient. Milk in a Stick® is such a food.

The ingredient statement reads simply: milk or cream.

But if what’s inside the package is simple, so is the package itself. The sleek, slender design is both strong and flexible, and offers 50% space savings, which also results in lower distribution cost. The ambient and long shelf life provide even more bonuses.

They are great for coffee or tea; since they are easy to open and pour they are no hassle and no waste. But all this simplicity wouldn’t mean a thing without superior taste. Those happy Irish cows provide an abundance of that.

Consumers use milk or cream 86% of the time they drink coffee[1]. So, if they are looking for one cream and two sugars, it’s easy to deliver the perfect cup of coffee to the table or elevate your customer’s experience at the beverage station when they flavor their drink themselves.

While modern life in general gets more elaborate and intricate it’s nice to know about something that doesn’t. Both you and your customers will appreciate the simplicity of Milk in a Stick®.

Complicated? No. High tech? Not a chance. What then? Simply pure, simply delicious, simply milk.

Find out for yourself!

[1] Technomic Beverage Marketplace 2016