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Candy Hearts with Sayings

Candy Hearts with Sayings

Coming soon are the days of candy hearts with sayings. You know the ones we mean. The little pastel heart-shaped candies that spell out “Be Mine” and “Friends 4ever”. The ones grade school kids shyly exchange in February. But, while those candy hearts might be enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of an eight-year-old, most adult diners are looking for something a little bit more sophisticated when it comes to their sweet treat of choice.

The dessert category has always been a favorite among consumers and chefs alike. While your guest is looking for a spectacular grand finale to the main event, you get to oblige by showing off with a bit of flare in your fare. This is a tremendous opportunity to have some fun and stretch the bounds of creativity. Plus, you get to build check averages and profitability while guests leave with higher meal satisfaction.

So…where to start? Should you offer shareable desserts or individual minis? Should you use traditional flavors or new to the scene ingredients? Should you draw attention to texture or to color?

The answer is yes.

Consumers are looking for an extraordinarily delicious dessert experience in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. We have a few suggestions on how to provide it for them…

Maple Bacon Bread Pudding

Make our bread pudding according to packaging instructions and add in cooked crumbled bacon. Remove from oven and top with homemade maple flavored glaze icing.

Mousse Flights

Can’t decide? Want just a bite? How about a tri-flight of mini desserts made with mousse and whipped topping? Make our chocolate and vanilla mousses and our whipped topping according to packaging instructions and place into pipping bags.

Vanilla Mouse Flights

  1. Vanilla mousse, whipped cream topped with honey-glazed pecans
  2. Vanilla mousse, lemon curd, whipped topping topped with crumbled shortbread cookies
  3. Diced baked cinnamon sugar apple, vanilla mousse, whipped topping garnished with granola

Chocolate Mouse Flights

  1. Chocolate mousse, whipped topping, crumbled chocolate mint cookie and a mint sprig
  2. Chocolate mousse, whipped topping, crushed peppermint candy and shaved white chocolate
  3. Chocolate mousse, whipped topping, shaved dark chocolate and garnished with a chocolate covered espresso bean

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

Make our no bake cheesecake according to packaging instructions, but before placing in the refrigerator to chill, swirl in a simple raspberry sauce and lemon curd.

Of course, if you or your guest would like to harken back to yesteryear, all these desserts could easily be topped with a few of those pastel heart candies. And, we feel confident your guests will probably tell you, “UR Awesome”!

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