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Spread the Word on Plant-Based Peanut Butter

Spread the Word on Plant-Based Peanut Butter

Almost everyone in the foodservice industry is aware that plant-based is among the top trends. There are many contributors to the upswing in this trend. From the surge of Meatless Mondays to breakfast menus touting Avocado Toast, there’s no doubt consumers will continue choosing more plant-forward dishes, not only this year but in years to come.

Let’s not forget that the increase of protein in consumer diets is also on the rise. In years past, an increase in protein might also mean an increase in meat. But, not anymore.

We have a solution that ticks both the “plant-based” and “protein” boxes and happens to be one of America’s favorite foods…good ole peanut butter.

Peanut butter is an easy and delicious way to capitalize on the increase in demand for plant-based proteins.

While actually a legume, 91% of Americans “go nuts” for peanut butter; eating three pounds of it per person every year.1 Away-from-home, they’re most often pairing it with other foods like bananas (26%) and chocolate (22%)2 while the fastest-growing peanut butter pairing is with toast2. So, watch out avocados…you’ve been warned!

The good news is portable, plant-based peanut butter just became a reality.

Introducing Flavor Fresh Peanut Butter in an on-the-go cup. A creamy peanut butter made with roasted peanuts providing great taste and 5g of nutritious plant-based protein per cup. Perfect for dipping, scooping and devouring with your favorite snacks. And, with scannable bar codes on the lid, operators have an opportunity to off-set costs and increase profitability.

Diamond Crystal Brands is known for making delicious, high-quality portion control condiments in dip cups and packets under our Flavor Fresh™, Poco Pac™ and House Blend™ brands. We are a leader in branded peanut butter in foodservice, convenient store and office coffee service channels.

So, are you ready to spread some plant-based goodness on your menu?

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