Over the next few months Diamond Crystal Brands will transition our name to DYMA Brands. Our new brand identity reflects the significant transformation that has taken place over the last year and a half to better service our customers and capture new opportunities in the market. DYMA is suggestive of being dynamic, having momentum, moving forward, and managing change. These are critical needs in the foodservice world today as we continue to live in a “everything is changing” environment. The name also serves as a natural, more concise, and more contemporary transition from our prior heritage. We are focused, nimble and flavor first. While our name is changing, our ownership, leadership and foundation is staying the same. DYMA Brands stands for great, innovative products that bring enhanced flavors to foodservice. We’re here to serve and are passionate people who you can trust and want to do business with. The new branding will be implemented across the business in the coming months and will include many updates like a redesigned logo, a new website, packaging changes and a transition of social channels to DYMA. We’re proud of what we’ve built so far and are excited about what comes next with DYMA Brands.