Simple Ingredients, Better For Environment and Easy Storage

Milk In A Stick is no-additive, shelf stable milk in an innovative portion control stick that offers significant advantages over creamer cups.

  • Clean label – Its healthful statement reads simply milk or cream. Just one ingredient.
  • Consumer friendly – The sticks are easy to open, pour and use. It’s UHT milk so no refrigeration is required. 
  • Minimal storage – The sleek, slender design and strong, flexible packaging offers 50% space savings, better environmental advantages, and less fuel to transport.

Milk In A Stick is made with fully traceable, 100% milk at Lakeland Dairies, a cooperative based in Ireland with over 120 years of heritage and more than 3,200 family farms. Diamond Crystal Brands partnered with Lakeland Dairies to distribute their innovative Milk In A Stick products in the U.S.

Transform your tabletop, beverage condiment station or drive thru by offering Milk In A Stick.

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