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DCB Food Waste Pledge

DCB Food Waste Pledge

At DCB, we are committed to joining the battle to fight food waste. As a partner to our friends and customers in the foodservice industry we’re here to pitch in. As a responsible company, we note that 1 in 8 Americans are food insecure (and this number is growing). Besides the obvious social and environmental common sense reasons, food waste is just bad for business. We make these 5 Commitments to reducing this issue over the next 5 years:

1) Amplify the message. We commit to spreading the word to all internal and external audiences that food waste is a critical but solvable problem.

2) Offer Solutions not Problems. We commit to working with our customers and partners to offer ongoing custom solutions to support them in this battle. Also, new flavor profiles help to reduce perishable waste by allowing our partners to make more dishes out of basic ingredients, reducing spoilage through creativity.

3) Portion Controlled Foods. We commit to minimizing waste by continuing to offer and expand our wide range of portion controlled and single-serve solutions designed to ‘right size’ the amount of food and condiments used in the kitchen and by the end customer.

4) Renewable Packaging Options. We commit to offer our partners new and innovative renewable packaging solutions and materials to help minimize waste within the landfills.

5) Start From Within. We commit as a food producer and part of the supply chain to reduce food waste within our own factories and operations in the next 2 years.

Food Wast Pledge