Discover Diamond Crystal Brands’ of jams and jellies in the flavors that are right for your establishment. TREEMONT FARMS™ is a line of premium, fruit-filled jams and jellies made with real sugar (no high fructose corn syrup) in signature packaging, which provides a superior quality. FLAVOR FRESH™ is a popular selling brand of jams and jellies with a full line of flavors in cups and packets. PACO PAC® offers great quality for the value conscious in mind.


Product Item #
FLAVOR FRESH Strawberry Jam Pouch 200/0.5 oz 70021
FLAVOR FRESH Assort. #10 Jelly Pouch 200/10 g (100 Grape, 100 Mixed Fruit) 70047
FLAVOR FRESH Grape Jelly Pouch 200/0.5 oz 70104
FLAVOR FRESH Grape Jelly Pouch No HFCS 200/0.5 oz (BFY) 70105
POCO PAC Apple Jelly Bag 12 /4 Lb 86359
POCO PAC Grape Jelly Bag 12/4 Lb 86360
POCO PAC Apple Jelly Pouch 200/0.5 oz 86389
POCO PAC Clear Mixed Fruit Jelly Pouch 400/1 oz 86415
POCO PAC Asst #7 Jelly Pouch (100 Apple, 100 Grape) 200/0.5 oz 86472
POCO PAC Clear Apple Jelly Pouch 400/0.5 oz 86489
POCO PAC Clear Grape Jelly Pouch 400/0.5 oz 86490